We Are Her Majesty’s Pie Company™

I have always loved pie. Pie brings people together, makes you feel better, feeds your soul, connects you to memories of your grandma, of a simpler time, of home.

I’ve always made a pretty good pie. But once I decided I wanted to make an incredible pie, I knew I needed to look for a great teacher.

Our neighbour at the granola bakery said he knew someone who makes pie so good he never misses a chance to stop in to see her. (No, actually he said he will make a detour to make sure he is there on baking day!)

“Great”, I thought, “I’m surely going to learn this recipe from someone’s Grandma.” Boy was I in for a surprise! 

Dorie turned out to be a hugely accomplished person: not only a master baker, but a wonderful teacher, a rancher who calved her own cattle, who ran dog sleds and a skeet shooting champion!

Her teaching about what makes the perfect pie was thorough and patient. But the best of all, she did something that she herself said she wouldn’t do.

She give me her award-winning pastry recipe. The same pastry recipe that won $1,000 in a contest over 25 years ago. 

She saw how much I loved pie and that I would honour her gift by turning it into the best pies in Vancouver! And that’s my goal.



Her Majesty’s Pies are handmade using Dorie’s award-winning crust recipe. They contain whole BC fruit and are available in regular, vegetarian and wheat free crusts.

Feast your tastebuds!