What they say about Her Majesty’s Pie:

Fit for 4 Queens

My sisters and I hummed through each delicious bite… wow!

The apples were the PERFECT consistency and my oldest sister (a pie maker herself) wondered how you got such a fabulous crust out of an aluminum pie plate.


Lindsay, North Vancouver


I have not called you since receiving one of the most incredible pies ever!

The pie was absolutely incredible—beyond delicious and tasted like more. I was super impressed, as was my Dad and family. I am a bit of a pie snob (and do not like all pies, just the good ones). It was awesome!

Natalie, Chilliwack


We just bought your peach pie yesterday at Trout Lake and it was amazing! From the presentation to the taste everything was perfect. We all can’t wait to try the sour cherry next. Thank you!

Amy, Vancouver


Wow! That pie was fantastic. I was doubtful cuz not everything at the farmers market is very good. But the pie was really fabulous! I got it for my husband who is British and loves Strawberry Rhubarb, it’s not my thing. But that’s because it’s usually over sweetened. This was amazing. And I couldn’t make it at home for what it cost from you.

Madeleine, Burnaby

Wow Again!

WOW that apple pie you delivered last night was great.  A real hit.  I shouldn’t say it, but just like Mum’s apple pie and hers were the absolute best!

Bill, North Vancouver

Gluten Free

Your gluten-free pies are beyond amazing!! I wake up extra early on Saturdays (and don’t like getting up early) to run to the Farmers Market in the West End to hope they are there. Thank you they are so delicious!

Nicole, West Vancouver

That Crust

That CRUST! Bejeebus…

Riley, East Vancouver